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Shri K.K.Shastri Govt. Commerce College was established with an objective to provide locally revered, recognized education to Undergraduate and Post Graduate students. It also aims to provide a safe learning environment to students making them innovative learners, intellectual thinkers and problem solvers. . We are in the 14th year of functioning and it gives me an immense pleasure to share with you the rapid progress of Shri K.K.Shastri Govt. Commerce College not only in academics but also its valuable role in the holistic development of students. I am proud of my students who have achieved high standards in academics and various co-curricular activities. I am happy to have a vibrant academic staff that focuses on the development of students and their personality, encouraging them to develop a sense of responsibility and trying to create excellence and perfection by adopting the latest technology through a well-planned academic schedule. The college offers a well-planned curriculum and a lot of co-curricular activities all the year round to teach the students skills and core values of life. I take the opportunity to acknowledge the capable team of educators who endeavor to offer a lot of co-curricular activities for the students to build their character and self-confidence. I wish all my students a successful and enjoyable year ahead.

Dr. Yogesh Yadav,
Gujarat Education services (Class-1)

Shri K.K. Shastri Government Commerce College Maninagar (E),


Additional Posting
1. State Nodal Officer RUSA-MHRD, Gujarat State
2. Officer on Special Duty (Extension), Knowledge Consortrium of Gujarat,
Department of Education,
Gujarat state.