Vision & Mission


We envision a world in which every student attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation and hold the power to create opportunity for themseleves and others and acccess to research and education.


To provide  a locally revered and nationally recognised education to undergraduate commerce students. To move tirelessly on the path of excellence and perfection by adopting the latest technology, developing the personality of students in a holistic manner by combining skills and values, equipping students to face the realities of life. To imporve the standard of teh courses offered through innovative and effective teaching methods and curriculum development. To develop new knowledge through research activities and dissemination of knowledge through publication of scholary works. To provide and encourage a global outlook and access to faculty and students' development. To initiate and promot experimentation and innovation. To develop the spirit of national integration and create a sense of indiannes.




Holistic Development

Growth and Development of our students is the primary aim of our existence. The college strives to provide multitude of avenues for the all-round growth and development of our students through its co-curricular and extra- curricular activities and initiatives.

Social Responsibility

The youth have to be nurtured into being responsible citizens of the country and the world at large. A sense of empathy towards the fellow human beings is a pre-requisite for the same. The college engages the students in various social outreach activities to instill in them a sense of oneness with the society and the country.

Leadership Skills

The college provides extensive opportunities to the students to develop strategic leadership skills like Communication, Problem solving, Teamwork by assigning them roles and activities which enhances their self-confidence.

Employability Skills

Various activities, programmes are initiatives of the college are targeted towards developing specific skill sets among the students that are vital for their careers in future and are in tune with the industrial requirement.